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Safety Central

VFIS is pleased to offer a vast library of risk control, loss prevention and safety materials. These tools are designed to improve risk management efforts and claim results, enhancing the long-term insurability of our emergency service insureds. Find safety flyers and guides, manuals, articles and resources.
VFIS Safety Central - Fire/EMS Operations

Fire/EMS Operations

Get tips that can help keep your emergency service personnel safe and protected.

VFIS Safety Central - Vehicle Operation

Vehicle Operation

Learn what to watch for and how you can help prevent injuries and accidents from happening.

VFIS Safety Central - ESO Administration

ESO Administration

Reporting packets and forms, assessment tools and sample logs can help simplify required documentation.

VFIS Safety Central - Personnel Management

Personnel Management

Help make sure things run smoothly by properly managing employees and volunteers and find tips so you don't put your organization at risk.

VFIS Safety Central - Property Management

Property Management

Protect your fire department and emergency service organization's facilities with tips and checklists.

VFIS Safety Central - General Risks

General Risks

Read up on risk management information that includes injury prevention tips, safety tools and more.

VFIS Safety Central - Safety Flyers & Books

Safety Flyers & Books

VFIS helps meet the requirement for safety posters and flyers with tailored messages that emergency workers can better relate to.

VFIS Safety Central - Communication Centers

Communication Centers

Communication sites play a big role in emergency services. Help keep them protected with these guides.