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Portable Equipment Insurance Coverage

Portable equipment helps emergency responders get the job done. With blanket coverage, VFIS covers your organization's equipment without limit at the station, at an emergency scene, anywhere.

Portable equipment insurance covers turnout gear, hoses, thermal imaging systems, radios/pagers, shovels, AEDs and backboards.

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Portable Equipment Insurance Coverage Highlights:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage.
  • Personal effects of your emergency personnel are covered at full replacement cost without limit when performing official duties.
  • Borrowed equipment coverage.
  • Automatic coverage for watercraft not exceeding 100 HP. (Watercraft over 100 HP must be scheduled.)
  • Any jet skis or wave runners used for rescue-related purposes with blanket coverage.
  • Deductible waiver for covered losses under multiple VFIS policies.