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Management Liability Insurance for Volunteer Departments

Lawsuits based on allegations of discrimination, wrongful employee termination or sexual harassment, commonly referred to as employment-related practices, are becoming increasingly common for emergency service organizations, including volunteer organizations. Management liability insurance coverage will defend against such allegations and, in the event of an adverse judgment or settlement, pay on behalf of the organization and its employees, volunteers, officers, directors, trustees and commissioners.

Management liability insurance, through VFIS, covers all volunteers (whether or not they are members of your organization) and employees while acting on behalf of your organization.

  • Other insureds, including officers, directors, commissioners and trustees.
  • Your medical director (if any).
  • VFIS coverage is primary for all above insureds, not excess of any personal insurance that may apply.

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Management Liability Coverage Highlights:

  • Legal expenses* incurred in defending against a suit seeking non-monetary damages (that is, a plaintiff demands your organization do something or stop doing something).
  • Automatically covers your volunteers or employees who choose to serve on the board of directors of an outside organization as long as that organization:
    • Is not-for-profit and;
    • Is related to the emergency services
    • Coverage is excess of any other available insurance.
  • Cost to defend you against covered claims will not erode your liability limits.
  • Coverage available on either a claims made or occurrence basis.
  • Cyber liability and privacy crisis management expense (in most states).

* Up to extension limit stated on policy.

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