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Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)

A Length of Service Awards Program, also known as LOSAP or LOSA, is similar to a pension program, but is intended to assist emergency service organizations (ESOs) in retaining and rewarding volunteers. The typical plan design offers financial rewards to volunteers based upon the longevity of their service to the community.

Since 1982, VFIS has provided LOSAP administration and technical expertise in more than 33 states. We help you manage the program and work with your legal and accounting professionals.

Designing a LOSAP that fits organizational objectives
  • The sponsoring organization determines what type of LOSAP meets its objectives while accommodating budgetary constraints. The most common types of LOSAP are:
  • LOSAPs may be designed to allow the sponsoring organization to determine the contribution that it will make to the LOSAP each year based upon available funds. These funds are allocated to volunteer accounts based upon a predefined formula that can be based upon years of service, the age of the volunteer, etc. The funds in the volunteer’s account grow until entitlement age, when the account is paid to the volunteer in a lump sum.

Communities need LOSAPs
Implementing a LOSAP can provide significant savings to municipalities that are otherwise associated with paying salaries and benefits for full-time firefighters. LOSAPs offer financial rewards to volunteers for community service, which encourages volunteer retention.


  • LOSAPs pay benefits when a volunteer reaches “entitlement age,” becomes disabled or dies.
  • Monthly income
    • Paid for lifetime, but no less than 10 years.
  • Disability benefit is paid in a lump sum.
  • Death benefit

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