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Fire/EMS Operations

Fire/EMS Operations Risk Control ResourcesGet useful tips and tools to support emergency responder safety and help fire departments prepare for and respond to fire, natural disasters and non-fire emergencies.

Risk Control Resources

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UAS Operation Suggestions 03/22/2023
Fire Hose Testing 03/22/2023
Highway Incident Safety 12/19/2022
Personal Protective Equipment Checklist 12/14/2022
Long Distance Transport Safety 11/14/2022
Cancer and the Firefighter 07/07/2021
Medical Miranda Card 07/07/2021
Patient Care Documentation 07/07/2021
Protecting Portable Equipment 05/04/2021
Staffing for Crisis 05/04/2021
Firefighting Foam 11/13/2020
Patient Handling 10/28/2020
Near Miss Incident Reporting 10/28/2020
Managing Fatigue in EMS Operations 03/31/2020
Patient Refusal Information Sheet 03/06/2020
Forcible Entry Considerations 10/29/2019
Hose Securement 10/29/2019
Cancer Prevention - PPE Decontamination 07/16/2018
UAS Program Development & Implementation 04/17/2018
Risk Management for EMS and the Ambulance Transportation Industry 02/21/2018
EMS Event Standby Agreements 09/27/2017
FAA Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule 12/22/2016
Airway Verification Form 03/29/2022
Bariatric Patients - Handling Logistics 03/29/2022
Cellular Telephone Use in EMS 03/29/2022
Conducting Junior Fire & EMS Camps 03/29/2022
EMS Refusal Checklist 03/29/2022
Incident Exposure Form 03/29/2022
Infectious Exposure Form 03/29/2022
Live Fire Training Checklist 03/29/2022
Paratransit Van Operations 03/29/2022
Patient Refusal Information Sheet (Spanish) 03/29/2022
Public Service Response Practices 03/29/2022
Sample Hose Loading Policy 03/29/2022
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Inspection Log 03/29/2022
Traffic Control Safety Checklist 03/29/2022
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