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Defined Contribution LOSAP

A defined contribution LOSAP permits the sponsoring organization to establish a predefined contribution that it will make each year to the volunteer’s LOSAP account. The funds in the volunteer’s account grow until retirement age when the account is paid to the volunteer in a lump sum.

The Benefits

Defined contribution LOSAP typically provides three benefits:

  • Pre-entitlement death benefit.
  • Pre-entitlement disability benefit.
  • Lump Sum Benefit payable at retirement.

Who benefits from LOSAP:

  • Community - Establishing a LOSAP can provide significant savings to municipalities that are otherwise associated with paying salaries and benefits for full-time firefighters.

  • Emergency Service Organization - Establishing service requirements to qualify for benefits promotes a better trained and managed team of volunteers.

  • Volunteers - Establishing a LOSAP offers rewards to volunteers for community service and encourages volunteer retention.

The Advantages:
  • Guarantee of principal.
  • Minimum 3 percent interest rate.

The Investment:
  • On average, an annual contribution of $500 per active volunteer provides an attractive program.
  • Many departments incorporate LOSAP into their Safer Grant proposal.

Learn More

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Wisconsin Clients

Find information regarding designing and operating a SAP in the state of Wisconsin:
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