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Defined Benefit LOSAP

One common type of LOSAP is a defined benefit LOSAP. This is structured in a manner that outlines the monetary reward that a volunteer receives at retirement age. In order to accumulate funds that are adequate to pay for the reward, an actuary determines the necessary contribution that the organization must contribute each year.

The Problem:
  • More than 70% of emergency service recruits quit within five (5) years.
  • Close to 50% of those who stay, leave within 10 years.
  • For every 10 recruits, less than three (3) may stay with your organization after 10 years.

The Solution:
A VFIS defined benefit LOSAP is designed to provide tangible benefits to volunteers who commit time and energy to provide valuable emergency service to their community. The program rewards those volunteers who meet the criteria you (or as mandated by the state) establish. Benefits increase for each year of qualified service.

The Benefits:

Defined benefit LOSAP typically provides three benefits:

  • Pre-entitlement death benefit.
  • Pre-entitlement disability benefit.
  • Monthly income at entitlement payable for life.


Who benefits from LOSAP:

  • Community - Establishing a LOSAP can provide significant savings to municipalities that are otherwise associated with paying salaries and benefits for full-time firefighters.

  • Emergency Service Organization - Establishing service requirements to qualify for benefits promotes a better trained and managed team of volunteers.

  • Volunteers - Establishing a LOSAP offers rewards to volunteers for community service and encourages volunteer retention.

The Investment:
  • On average, an annual contribution of $500 per active volunteer provides an attractive program.
  • Many departments incorporate LOSAP into their Safer Grant proposal.

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Supplemental material

GASB 73 [New Accounting Standard for LOSAP] 

New York Clients

The New York General Municipal Law Article 11-A outlines the requirements for designing and operating a LOSAP in the state of New York. Click on laws; then laws of New York; then GMU; finally, Article 11-A.

Check these links for helpful audit information published by the New York State Comptroller’s office:

New Jersey Clients

Find various information regarding designing and operating a LOSAP in the state of New Jersey: Operating a LOSAP in New Jersey

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