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Tailboard Safety

Tailboard Safety is a monthly loss prevention program created for our clients. The intent is to provide information on current safety issues facing emergency responders in a format that will quickly and effectively communicate a safe practice to implement and relate directly to your organization.

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Find various Tailboard Safety topics below:

Cancer Prevention

Stay educated on the importance of cancer screenings and early detection for emergency responders.

safety focus

Focus On Safety

A safety focus in emergency services is driven by leadership and organizational culture with the intent to have a safer workplace.

Firefighter Injuries

How do firefighter injuries occur? What type of injuries are most common? Read up on firefighter injuries and how to safely help prevent them.

NFFF Life Safety Initiatives

The goal is that everyone goes home. Read these safety tips to help prevent firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries.

Firefighter Accountability

Personnel accountability is designed to provide enhanced safety for the individual firefighter. Get information on firefighter accountability.


Rehabilitation may help personnel perform the necessary duties and maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Learn more about the rehabilitation process.

Rules of Engagement: Incident Commander Level

Help emergency service personnel make it home from emergency events. Find information on situational awareness and what actions to take.

Disaster Planning & Business Continuity

How many emergency service organizations can rebound from a fire in their own station or a flood that washes in the firehouse? Read how you can help plan ahead.

Situational Awareness

Know what is going on in the environment around you and be sure to take action to protect yourself, your crew and your department. Find sample scenarios here.

Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Safety

Stay educated on best practices to help make it home from emergency events. Find information on evaluating the situation and what actions to take.

Health & Wellness

What can firefighters and emergency responders do to improve their own fitness for duty? Find suggestions on how to stay healthy.

Highway Safety

With numerous firefighters and EMTs being killed in the line of duty at highway incidents, be prepared with these best practices to help protect emergency responders.

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