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On-site hazard identification risk control surveys

VFIS offers assistance to emergency service organizations on identifying loss exposures or evaluating existing controls. Since 1982, VFIS Risk Control Services has proven to be a valuable resource for thousands of emergency service organizations and is a leading authority in safety, risk control and risk management.

Working closely with VFIS Education and Training Services, Risk Control can help you with the direction and support needed to address a wide array of issues and problems. It's just one of our many services.

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
    VFIS Risk Control Services has been the leader and a champion in the effort to reduce motor vehicle crashes, the second leading cause of death in the emergency services. Emergency vehicle response presents the largest set of exposures that an emergency service organization will have.
  • Professional Healthcare Liability (Medical Malpractice)
    Standalone EMS and fire-based EMS organizations have a great deal of exposure to monitor and control patient care delivery. VFIS Risk Control can help your organization reduce your exposures by evaluating existing controls and assisting in enhancement of policies, procedures and practices. Our field representatives are extremely knowledgeable in the area of Professional Healthcare Liability.
  • Liability
    Whether it is a social hall that your organization rents out or the day-to-day exposure of managing your members/employees, VFIS can assist you in reducing the liability associated with your operations.
  • Property
    Your organization's buildings are subject to many different perils. Flood, fire, windstorm and theft are just a few. Additionally, you need to be sure that your buildings have the proper amount of insurance coverage to rebuild should a disaster occur. VFIS Risk Control Services can help by providing several different services.
  • Special Exposures
    VFIS recognizes that each organization has different needs. With that in mind we have information and support materials that address exposures such as liquor liability, fireworks and motorized events. If your organization has a unique event that you have not experienced before, contact VFIS Risk Control Services.

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