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Safety information for fire trucks and ambulancesDistracted driving and risky behaviors behind the wheel contribute to countless preventable accidents each year. Find important safety information and maintenance information for fire trucks and ambulances.

Risk Control Resources

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Emergency Vehicle Driver and Officer Responsibility 03/22/2023
Emergency Vehicle Driver Selection Criteria 03/22/2023
Emergency Vehicle Driver/Operator Requirements 03/22/2023
Emergency Vehicle Response Guidelines 03/22/2023
Intersection Practices 03/22/2023
Non-Members Riding in ESO Vehicles 03/22/2023
Personal Vehicle Response 03/22/2023
Vehicle Backing Practices 03/22/2023
Assigning an Agreed Value to Your Vehicles (Newsletter article) 03/15/2023
Annual Requalification of Emergency Vehicle (EV) Operators 12/21/2022
Driver Monitoring System Capabilities 12/19/2022
North Carolina Transportation Notification System (NC TNS) 12/19/2022
Maximum Response Speed 11/30/2022
State MVR Check Procedures 11/30/2022
Accident Reporting Packet 08/04/2022
Witness Card 08/04/2022
Street/Highway/Off Road Driving Evaluation Form 05/20/2022
Paratransit Operator Proficiency Evaluation Checklist 06/22/2021
Incident and Near Miss Investigation Guide 05/17/2021
Driver Monitoring Systems 10/28/2020
Paratransit Vehicle Inspection Guide 03/31/2020
Overhead Door Safety 11/19/2018
Ambulance Passenger Guidelines 07/27/2018
Emergency Vehicle Driver's Competency Course Score Sheet 08/14/2017
Securing EMS Vehicles 08/09/2017
Distracted Driving - "Sterile Cab” 05/02/2017
Aerial Device Maintenance and Inspection 09/01/2016
Conversion and Overweight Vehicle Information Form 07/01/2016
Conversion and Overweight Vehicle Risks 06/01/2016
Emergency Vehicle Accident/Loss Investigation Report 04/01/2016
Emergency Vehicle Driver Log 02/01/2016
Emergency Vehicle Driver's Safety Checklist 10/01/2015
Emergency Vehicle Maintenance Record 09/01/2015
Personal Vehicle Safety Checklist 02/01/2015
Vehicle Preventive Maintenance 11/01/2014
Vehicle Rollover Prevention 10/01/2014
Vehicle Selection and Design 09/01/2014
Weekly Emergency Vehicle Report Form 08/01/2014
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