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Personnel Management

ESO personnel managementFrom background screenings to harassment and discrimination prevention, these resources can assist you in the ongoing process of managing your employees and volunteers.

Risk Control Resources

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Americans with Disabilities Act 06/07/2019
Background Checks - Discounted Packages 10/08/2018
Conducting Internal Investigations 06/04/2019
Electronic Communication Systems (Internet & Email Usage) 06/07/2019
Employment Practice Liability Self-Assessment 09/27/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Overview 06/07/2019
Exit Interview Procedures 06/04/2019
Family Medical Leave Act 06/07/2019
Grievance Procedures 06/07/2019
Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training 08/09/2017
Hiring/Applying for Membership 06/07/2019
Performance Management/Evaluations 06/07/2019
Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodations 06/07/2019
Progressive Discipline and Terminations 06/07/2019
Safety Committee By-Laws 06/07/2019
Sexual Harassment 06/07/2019
Social Media 06/04/2019
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 06/07/2019
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act 06/07/2019
Weapons in the Workplace 04/16/2018
Workplace Discrimination Based on Language and Accents 06/07/2019
Workplace Violence/Threats of Violence 06/04/2019
Workplace Wrongdoing/Whistleblower Policy 06/07/2019
Employment Practice Exposure - FireFighter Position Description 03/09/2017
Employment Practice Exposure - EMT Position Description 03/09/2017
Determining Discipline Checklist 09/27/2017
Termination Meeting Checklist 09/27/2017
NVFC's Share The Load Poster
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Behavioral Health Concerns for Fire & EMS Personnel 04/22/2019
Drug and Alcohol Policies for ESOs 04/30/2019
Candidate Direct - Self-Service Portal for Background Checks 06/01/2020