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VFIS offers an array of training materials for firefighters and emergency service personnel. Clients receive one complimentary copy of each program.
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Traffic Incident Management (TIM)


VFIS Client-Only Product

The VFIS Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program is approved by the Federal Highway Administration as SHRP2 equivalent (National TIM program) where participants may obtain SHRP2 certificates following successful completion of this course. This TIM program (formerly Highway Safety) is designed to help ESO personnel minimize the risk of responding on or near a highway by understanding the elements of a safe work zone and recognizing the potential hazards in operating on or near a highway. The program covers items including the need for advanced warning, apparatus positioning and placement, multi-agency communication, scene lighting, retro-reflective and fluorescent personal protective equipment and coordination of on-scene apparatus and personnel.

Trailer Operations & Safety Program


VFIS Client-Only Product
This program educates responders on safe trailer operations. This hands-on course includes information on trailers, the tow vehicle, brake requirements, tow hitch, ball and coupler assembly, inspecting the vehicle, loading the trailer, driving with a trailer. After classroom discussion, participants test their knowledge on a skills course.

Safe Backing


Accidents resulting from backing emergency vehicles are unfortunately all too common. These incidents often result in minor property or vehicle damages, but sometimes they are severe or even fatal. By understanding the importance of safe vehicle backing measures and adopting these best practices into your organization's driving procedures, you could help reduce the risk of damage and/or injury.

Intersection Safety


Intersections create a challenge for emergency responders, who, in haste, sometimes act in ways that result not in saving lives, but in taking lives. This video stresses eight guidelines that may help reduce the number and severity of intersection accidents and is intended for emergency service organizations responding to incidents in both department and personal vehicles.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Video preview coming soon

VFIS Client-Only Product

Driving an emergency vehicle is a position of responsibility. The responsibilities of, and the penalties for, not properly training your emergency and non-emergency vehicle operators are tremendous. Civil, criminal and punitive damages and charges can be involved in a crash that injures or kills one of your staff members, a patient or a civilian vehicle operator/pedestrian. This internationally known course is highly recommended by several states, regional and local emergency service entities.

UTV/ATV Safety Program

Video preview coming soon

VFIS Client-Only Product

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) have gained wider acceptance and use in both the fire service and EMS. These vehicles can help responders take quicker action with less physical exhaustion of department members. Adding UTVs and ATVs to an ESO fleet may provide great benefits but might also present safety issues if those using the vehicle have not been properly trained in its operation and maintenance. This safety program was developed to provide training for these types of specialty vehicles. Important topics addressed include the importance of safe vehicle operations, the need for refresher training, maintaining skills, the vehicle operator, protective gear, pre-planning, basic safety and maintenance.

Patient Handling

Video preview coming soon

VFIS Client-Only Product

Every day we are called to scenes involving patient movement, from simply putting a patient back in bed to some of the most complex calls that challenge even the most experienced EMS provider. We have a variety of patient-moving devices available to transfer patients from point A to point B safely. So why do we continue to drop patients? This program includes practical applications for providing safety and injury reduction while lifting and moving patients.

Managing Volunteer & Combination ESOs

Video preview coming soon

Times have changed and so has the mission of most ESOs. It is important for today's CEO to not only know how the ESO is changing and functioning, but how to assist the organization during times of transition. This CD resource reviews 17 key areas of fire department management, including budgeting, by-laws, strategic planning and more. The guide is based on critical management and leadership skills for today's CEO.
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